Online Christmas Market: Safe & Easy Christmas Shopping Courtesy of Burley Primary School

Christmas shopping in the midst of a pandemic is enough to have even the staunchest of us panicking a little. Every year shopping for something that is meaningful and a bit different is hard, you either spend hours traipsing the streets or internet search engines and it can so easily become a stressful, unenjoyable activity. […]


Milksok Maker

    Hello, My name is Samantha and I am one half of Milksok, me and my other half Joe have created a children’s clothing brand. Our aim is to provide hard wearing fun pieces that are practical, whilst still looking unique and fun. Most important to us is that it is something that kids […]


Milksok and the Princes Trust: What is the enterprise programme?

I mentioned the Princes Trust on my last blog and wanted to take the opportunity to explain a little bit about the Trust and how they have helped us at Milksok.    For those that do not know about the Princes Trust and what they can offer then this blog will be of interest to […]


Long live the small independent business

Last week we took our kids clothing range and varying products to West Quay shopping centre for our first ever pop-up shopping event. We were part of a local enterprise event and had several other small businesses selling alongside us. milksok.com is in the very early stages of launching and myself and Joe are taking […]



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