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New Year, New….

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  I think that if you want to make changes in your life, then you shouldn’t wait for a new year to do it. I’m a firm believer in embracing change, it’s good for the soul and there’s nothing worse than sitting in a crappy situation ‘just because.’  Whenever […]


Social Media – Where The Normal Humans At?

I’ve never felt particularly affected by social media.  I’ve listened when others have mentioned their dislike for it and when they’ve explained that it creates a negativity in their head I’ve tried to understand. But if I’m completely honest I’ve found these kinds of reactions difficult to comprehend. As an active user of social media […]


That’s All Folks!

This week marked the end of an era for our house, my eldest has finished primary school marking the end of 7 years and the start of a totally new adventure. The school had planned a ton of fun stuff to see out the class of 2023 in style and it was all building up […]


Half-Term Hell

Nothing says half-term like a crazy woman stomping around the house with a bin bag threatening to throw away the toys that are still all over the floor even though she’s asked for them to be picked up 50 million, kajillion times. The woman in my house, the crazy one with a bin bag, has […]


Matt Hancock Is Not A Celebrity, Get Him Out Of There

I’m a sucker for reality TV, always have been. I just love it! I was looking forward to this year’s I’m A Celebrity because it was back in Australia and the lineup looked good. But then rumours started about Matt Hancock appearing. I genuinely thought at first that it might be a load of rubbish […]


Moving House? Check With Your Cats First…

We’ve just done something massive.  After years of saving we’ve just bought our first house. Over the past few years the idea of buying a house always seemed like an impossibility. I left home at 18 and went off to uni. I had a very good time. Saving for my future was most definitely not […]


The Power Of The Queue

As a writer events happen and you feel an overwhelming urge to write about them. It can come from anywhere, a story in the news, something a friend tells me, or (most frequently) something one of my children has done. Oddly I didn’t feel the pull to write about the Queen’s death. As iconic an […]


Flat Pack Steve

My daughter made a friend recently – a little green cricket.  He’d come inside and lived predominantly on the ceiling in the kitchen and she decided that she loved him instantly. She’d check in on him daily and tell us if he’d moved to another part of the ceiling. For the most part he was […]


Against Abortion? Don’t Have One.

I don’t really know how to express my anger and frustration at what’s happened in America.  I know that abortion is a divisive subject matter but I simply can not understand how 5 individuals can make such a huge decision regarding medical treatments that concern an individual woman.  Four of the five Supreme Court justices […]


Today I Smashed Through A Parking Barrier…

Today I smashed through a parking barrier and completely destroyed it. It was most definitely not my finest moment! So let’s set the scene: I was driving out of a country park having taken 3 kids on a bike ride followed by a play at the park. I was tired and keen to get home. […]


I Hate Gift Shops – Why Do My Family Love Them So much?

I hate gift shops. I’ve always found them over-priced and full to the rafters of novelty crap. Sadly the rest of my family LOVES them. They are drawn to them like moths to a flame and as a result, I spend way too much time in these hellholes. Any family day out, no matter where […]


How Did I Become a Stage Mum??

Both my daughters took to the stage in their first ever show this weekend. It would appear that I am officially a dance school mother. I’ve been quite smug so far at avoiding being a football mum, that the dance arena has caught me by surprise! I was always a tomboy growing up so there […]


I got sodding Covid

After 2 years of serious Jedi style avoidance, I caught the dreaded virus and it hit me like a freight train! I knew it was an inevitability, especially with the recent relaxation of covid rules (welcome to herd immunity UK) But part of me thought that I was like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable (not  to […]


F****** World Book Day

In case you missed it – today was World Book Day. Unsurprisingly, I almost did and had to cobble together a costume at the last minute. But I’ve come to the conclusion after several years of this crap, that cutting out eye holes in a fabric face mask the night before is just how we […]


Mummy, Watch Me…..

My three-year-old is deep in the ‘mummy, watch me’ phase.  It’s horrendous. Every time she wants an audience, the expectation is that I’ll be there. And for the most part, I will be, BUT she’s not reciting Shakespeare, playing Mozart or doing backflips.  So, as you can imagine, it’s gotten pretty mundane fairly quickly!   I […]


Forgetful F***Up’s – No. 1

Don’t you just love it when you suddenly remember a party that your kid’s supposed to be at on the day of the damn birthday? This was my Saturday – I’d RSVP’d for the party ages ago but had neglected to put it in the diary immediately. I’m usually pretty good at remembering stuff like […]


Downing Street Dickheads

Am I surprised by today’s news? Not in the slightest.  I’m angry, pissed off, upset, astounded and exacerbated. But not for one second am I surprised by the behaviour of this abysmal government. This is just the latest in a number of actions that demonstrates the inner workings of a conservative government. Some people might […]


Cocomelon Has Ruined My Life

With every one of my children, there has been at least one TV programme that becomes an obsession for them.  My son couldn’t get enough of Thomas the Tank Engine. In his games, he would often become a train and we would all be allocated characters from the show. I was James, his sister was […]


No, you’re having a midlife crisis…..

It was my 36th Birthday recently and I finally got round to booking a tattoo that i’ve been planning for ages. It’s not a midlife crisis. Honest. A midlife crisis would mean that I’m questioning my life choices. Like my life isn’t panning out the way i’d imagined…. Just because my days mostly involve juggling […]


Will Women Ever Feel Safe?

How can a woman feel safe in 2021? Today’s news relaying the truly despicable treatment of Sarah Everard has shocked us all. The information coming out regarding her murder at the hands of a metropolitan police officer is deeply upsetting. I marvel at the bravery of her family for their delivery of the victim impact […]


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