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Acupressure at Home: Top 3 Points for Easing Anxiety with Rebecca Mathiszig-Lee

Samantha Meets: Rebecca Mathiszig-Lee founder of Good Good Acupuncture. This month I have virtually met with Rebecca Mathiszig-Lee a licenced TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) acupuncturist and naturopath. I know many people can get a bit intimidated by the idea of ‘alternative therapies’ and acupuncture in particular can conjure up images and fears of ‘all those […]


Hannah Makes: Fairy Garden Play Dough

Hannah  is back with a great activity to do with the kids using homemade play dough. Making your own play dough is surprisingly easy and this recipe lasts longer than the shop bought stuff which usually dries out after a couple of uses. Hannah has included her go to traditional recipe, however, lockdown being lockdown, […]


Guest Blogger: Carla Griscti ‘How to Embrace Your Quarter Life Crisis Positively’

Feeling the strain of the daily grind? Whether you’re panicking about stepping onto the property ladder or tired of dating around and desperate to find ‘the one’, if you’re in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, you’re absolutely not alone. Here’s how to embrace the uncertain chaos and deal with your crisis head on… With […]


Lockdown Chats: Lee Crocker

Welcome to the first in the series of my lockdown chats where the aim is to share how others are keeping sane during global social distancing. This week I want to discuss all things ART, and how it can become the perfect at home activity to stay engaged and have some fun while enduring this […]


Hannah Makes: A Cardboard Tudor Dress

This fun DIY ‘face in the hole’ make combines education, recycling and ‘keeping the darn kids occupied in lockdown’ all in one! My good friend Hannah sent me this ‘step by step’ of how she made an amazing Tudor style dress to tie in with her 6 year olds school project about the Tudors.   […]


A Story by 8 Year Old Frank (title TBC)

I have been trying (and failing – see my last blog) to homeschool the kids during lockdown, together we have come up with a new approach. This is the first of my 8 year old sons stories – he assures me that there are many in his head just waiting to be put to paper!  […]


Milksok Maker

    Hello, My name is Samantha and I am one half of Milksok, me and my other half Joe have created a children’s clothing brand. Our aim is to provide hard wearing fun pieces that are practical, whilst still looking unique and fun. Most important to us is that it is something that kids […]


Milksok and the Princes Trust: What is the enterprise programme?

I mentioned the Princes Trust on my last blog and wanted to take the opportunity to explain a little bit about the Trust and how they have helped us at Milksok.    For those that do not know about the Princes Trust and what they can offer then this blog will be of interest to […]



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